Q: What is the CMC? 
A: The "CMC" (Curriculum Materials Center) is a unit of Memorial Library dedicated to providing a wide range curriculum material such as children’s books, lesson plans, teacher resources, P-12 textbooks, and other materials that teachers use to plan and deliver instruction. 

Q: Where is the CMC located? 
A: The Curriculum Materials Center is located in Room 105 in the Cook Building, which houses the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences. 

Q: Who can use the CMC? 
A: All Berry College students, faculty and staff are welcome to use the CMC. Educators from the local community may also use the CMC. 

Q: What types of materials will I find in the CMC? 
A: The CMC has books for children and young adults, reference books, representative textbooks, manipulatives, games, and software for classroom use. 

Q: What if I can’t find what I’m looking for in the CMC?
A: If we do not have the particular book or materials that you would like to use, we may be able to order them for you. Simply fill out a material request form and drop it in the center’s suggestion box or by using the online forms for students or faculty and staff. 

Q: How do I know what specific titles of books are available in the CMC? 
A: Most CMC materials are included in the library’s online catalog. The catalog search function on the CMC’s website limits searches to CMC holdings. 

Q: What if I need to access the CMC during non-operating hours? 
A: At this time there is no access to the center outside of operating hours. However, the CMC website provides online and printable resources that are available to you at anytime. 

Q: How long can I check out materials? 
A: Most CMC resources have the same circulation period as other Memorial Library materials: four weeks to students (with two renewals available) and for the academic year to faculty. For more information, see Memorial Library’s circulation policies. Some materials, such as big books and models, may have shorter circulation periods due to their value and use. Other materials, such as reference books and textbooks, may only be used on-site.