ESOL Endorsement

Why Should I Apply 

The ESOL Endorsement will prepare you to: 

  • meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds; 

  • integrate language learning strategies and content objectives into your teaching; 

  • improve classroom management techniques; 

  • assess students' needs and plan differentiated instruction that meets their needs; 

  • effectively use alternative assessment methods; 

  • successfully teach students whose primary language differs from that of the teacher; and

  • communicate with parents and encourage school and home partnership;

About the Program

The Berry College ESOL Endorsement is designed for both P-12 inservice and preservice classroom teachers who are interested in learning how to fully meet the academic needs of linguistically and culturally diverse students. The program is open to school counselors with an established teaching field in speech and language pathology and undergraduates working concurrently on a professional certificate.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the legal and administrative issues of identification, assessment and placement of ESOL students, and how to effectively integrate these students into their classrooms.  Social, affective, cognitive and academic development of ESOL students is stressed through best-practices instruction. Integration of language skills in content areas and thematic instruction is emphasized.  


Upon completion of the ESOL-Endorsement course sequence, participants will demonstrate these competencies: 

  • Knowledge of the nature of language, and of the phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics of the English language; 

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing English; 

  • Knowledge of and experience in second-language acquisitions across age levels; 

  • Knowledge of the effects of cognitive, affective and sociocultural variables of language learning; 

  • Language-assessment techniques and instruments and the evaluation of students; 

  • Curriculum planning and instructional methods for teaching English as a second language; and

  • Study of sociocultural and characteristic features of linguistic/minority cultures. 

To add the endorsement:

An applicant shall be working toward or possess a professional certificate at the bachelor’s or higher certification level in a teaching field, or in the service field of school counselor (provided that a teaching-field prerequisite has been established) or in speech and language pathology.

Required Courses & Course Descriptions