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Education Specialist


The program addresses the growing need for administrators in Georgia schools. It is designed to train administrators who can bring a perspective on leadership grounded in teaching and performance-based practices. For those interested in attaining administrative certification, this major provides the courses and performance-based residency needed for Georgia L-6 certification and is aligned with the Standards, Elements and Indicators for the Preparation of Georgia Educational Leaders and Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2011. The candidate may also add other endorsements by completing courses in other areas to fulfill requirements of the Professional Standards Commission (PSC).  

Curriculum and Instruction Conversion Mechanism (Certificate Upgrade)

Berry College is approved for the Conversion Mechanism for Curriculum and Instruction.  Alumni from Berry’s program and completers from other GaPSC approved programs can use this process to do the Conversion to obtain the S certificate in Curriculum & Instruction. Potential candidate would apply to Berry College as non-degree status. Candidates must provide evidence of content requirements and provide artifacts to evidence meeting the Curriculum and Instruction Standards as part of the conversion mechanism process through Special Topics course(s) at the appropriate degree level. EDU 770 Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction will be offered in summer semesters only.