Graduate Endorsement Programs

ESOL Endorsement

We are not currently admitting candidates into this endorsement.  Please check back in the future.

Berry College offers an ESOL endorsement to an existing Georgia teaching certificate. This program is designed to provide a knowledge base of research, theory, values and methodology to prepare individuals to teach youngsters whose native language is not English.

Upon completion of the ESOL-endorsement course sequence, candidates will demonstrate these competencies:

  1. Knowledge of the nature of language, and of the phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics of the English language;
  2. Listening, speaking, reading and writing English;
  3. Knowledge of and experience in second-language acquisitions across age levels;
  4. Knowledge of the effects of cognitive, affective and sociocultural variables of language learning;
  5. Language-assessment techniques and instruments and the evaluation of students;
  6. Curriculum planning and instructional methods for teaching English as a second language;
  7. Study of sociocultural and characteristic features of linguistic/minority cultures.

To Add the Endorsement 

An applicant shall be working toward or possess a professional certificate at the bachelor's or higher certification level in a teaching field, or in the service field of school counselor (provided that a teaching-field prerequisite has been established) or in speech and language pathology.

Course Requirements (Minimum 7 hours)
  EDU 662 - Applied Linguistics for ESOL teachers - 3 credit hours
  EDU 663 - Language and Culture in Education - 3 credit hours
  EDU 664 - Methods of Teaching in Bilingual/ESOL Settings - 3 credit hours 

For more detailed information contact the Graduate Education Office at 706-368-5712. 

Reading Endorsement

A reading endorsement may be added to any existing Georgia teaching certificate. The program is designed to strengthen and enhance the basic competency levels of any certified classroom teacher to teach reading and literacy instruction appropriate for his or her teaching field. Graduate students may elect to pursue a reading endorsement concurrently while fulfilling the requirements of a major in early childhood education, middle-grades education or secondary education.

Nine hours are required.

To add the Endorsement an applicant shall be working toward or currently hold a professional certificate at the bachelor's or higher certification level in a teaching field.

Courses Required
  EDU 615 - Reading Instruction and Materials- 3 semester hours
  EDU 616 - Diagnostic Reading Instruction - 3 semester hours
  EDU 619 - Reading in the Content Area - 3 semester hours