Pathways to Teaching Program Application

The Pathways to Teaching application submission deadline for each school year is April 5.

Student Information

City: State: Zip:
Home Phone: Cell:    
High School:        

Student Involvement

List the activities under each category.  Please do not repeat activities in multiple categories.

School-Related Organizations - position held, years, significant  accomplishments (if any):


Academic Honor and Awards - years:


Special Talents (Athletics, Performing Arts, etc.) - positions held, years:


Community or Religious Activities - positions held, years, significant accomplishments (if any):


Work Experience - If you have work experience, please list jobs you have had and your major responsibilities:


Explain your goal or desire to become a teacher:


Provide information on your academic strengths and weaknesses:


List interests, hobbies, volunteer and/or extracurricular activities and the roles/tasks engaged in (community and school):


Provide information about what you can do and know about teaching:


References-name, address and telephone number of at least two people who know of your desire to be a teacher (at least one who is not a relative):



Pathways to Teaching Contact  

Victor Morgan, Ed.S
Director of Pathways to Teaching 
Berry College 
P. O. Box 495019 
Phone: 706-368-6986 
Fax: 706-238-7857