The Psychology Major

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology enables a better understanding of such areas as human development, learning and memory, social influence, and personality. It can also provide the foundation for future psychological research to address questions on behavior and mental processes that still remain. 

The psychology major fosters the development of students’ understanding of the theory and content of psychology: 

  • research methodology, statistics, and critical thinking skills;
  • the applications of psychology to personal, social, and organizational issues;
  • the principles of ethical research and practice;
  • communicating psychological science and practice to others. 

The major prepares students for graduate study and/or careers that apply their academic background in psychology.  Majoring in psychology enables the students to foster their own intellectual development and personal growth by gaining an understanding of the underlying processes and principles governing thought, emotion, and behavior. Psychology students develop research and writing skills, and become better problem solvers and obtain the critical thinking skills to succeed in graduate school or the work force. The skills that psychology students develop are attractive to employers in fields such as education, business administration, social services, and health care. Graduates have utilized their learning to attain a wide variety of employment opportunities. A bachelor's degree in psychology can also serve as a good basis for individuals wishing to pursue post-baccalaureate studies in psychology or related fields such as biology, social work, law, education, and business. 

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