Psychology Degree FAQs

Q: What skills and abilities do I need to excel in this major?
A: Critical thinking, oral and written communication, interest in research, problem solving, interpersonal skills

Q: What skills can I expect to develop through this major? 
A: Critical Thinking, Oral and Written Communication, Expertise in Research Methodology and Statistics, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Interpersonal Reflection, Team Work

Q: What opportunities are there for internships and practica in this major?
A: Participation in an academic-internship program is available to students in their senior year. Berry psychology majors have held internships with the Department of Offender Rehabilitation, Juvenile Court, Service Center for the Intellectually Disabled, Evaluation and Service Center, Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital, Floyd Medical Center, Suicide and Crisis Help Line, Regional Youth Development Center, Department of Family and Children Services, Community Mental Health Centers, and day-care centers.

Q: What are some possible entry-level careers with a major in this field? 
A: Psychology is a very versatile major allowing for entry-level careers in business/industry (e.g., management, human resources), human services (social work, human services technician) and education (with proper teaching credentials).

Q: What are some Berry graduates in this major doing? 
Graduate School
Special education teacher
Store manager
School psychologist 
Social worker
Personnel director
Outdoor therapeutic program counselor
Recreation therapist
Drug and alcohol counselor
Naval research psychologist
Unit director at Northwest Georgia 
Regional Hospital