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Admission to Teacher-Education Program


Students are eligible to be considered for admission to the Teacher-Education Program after they have accomplished the following:

  • completed EDU 102 with a C (2.0) or better.

  • completed two semesters of college work and have at least a 2.50 cumulative grade-point average.

  • passed the GACE Basic Skills Assessment or attained sufficient scores on the SAT or ACT as defined by the GA PSC to waive GACE requirements.

  • completed the application form for admission to the Teacher Education Program, ethics statement, and insurance coverage declaration; and filed it along with two letters of recommendation from college faculty with the director of field experiences and student teaching.

  • submitted satisfactory criminal history report (completed background check).

  • provided evidence of a LiveText account that is active and usable for completing the program portfolio and other assignments. This account can be obtained at  www.livetext.com.

The Admission Process

The certification and program advisor will certify that all requirements have been met, after which the director of field experiences and student teaching will present the application to the Admissions and Certification committee. The committee reviews each individual application and votes to accept or reject accept each application.

Application for Admission into the Teacher Education Program 

Recommendation Form for Admission into the Teacher Education Program