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For purposes of determining the extent to which the college is reaching its goals, students are expected to participate in the assessment process required of institutions of higher education. Assessment activities may include, but not be restricted to, exit examinations in the area of one's major (see Berry College Catalog,Requirements of Undergraduate Degrees, item 16), opinion surveys, focus-group interviews and other forms of evaluation. The director of institutional research, in coordination with the deans of schools, will notify students when these evaluations are to be completed.  


Graduating seniors are required to complete an examination/assessment in their major field area of study during their last semester at Berry, as stated in the Berry College Undergraduate Catalog (Degree Requirements, Major/Minor Requirements, item 6). The test date is pre-determined and is listed in the Berry College Undergraduate Catalog. Test dates are also included on the IR Calendar page of the institutional research website. Students with double majors will need to schedule an individual testing time for the second test with the assistant director of institutional research

Students in the following majors will complete the Major Field Test (MFT) from the Educational Testing Service.   

  • Accounting (Business MFT)
  • Biology (all concentrations, Biology MFT)
  • Dual-Degree Engineering (Capstone Course at Georgia Institute of Technology or Kennesaw State University)
  • Finance  (Business MFT)
  • International Business (Business MFT)
  • International Studies (Political Science MFT)
  • Management (Business MFT)
  • Marketing (Business MFT)
  • Mathematics  (Computer Science and Mathematics concentrations, Mathematics MFT)
  • Political Science (Political Science MFT)
  • Psychology (Psychology MFT)  

Students in the following majors will complete the Area Concentration Achievement Test (ACAT) exam.

  • History

Students in the following major will complete the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Certification Exam.  Contact Dr. Alice Suroviec, Department Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of Institutional Effectiveness at asuroviec@berry.edu, for more information.

  • Biochemistry  

Students in the following major will complete the American Chemical Society's Diagnostic of Undergraduate Chemistry Knowledge (DUCK) exam.

Students in the following majors will complete the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE).

  • Art Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Middle-Grades Education
  • Music Education (plus senior project)
  • Secondary Education (also requires exit exam for first major)

Students in the following Majors will complete the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Exit Exam and a Critical Thinking Exam.

  • Nursing​

Students in the following majors will complete a departmental examination.

  • Animal Science (all concentrations)
  • Environmental Science (all concentrations)
  • Exercise Science (all concentrations)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Sports Administration

Students in the following majors will complete a senior project/examination/senior thesis course/capstone course or other internal assessments.

  • Applied Physics
  • Art
  • Creative Technologies
  • Creative Writing
  • Communication (all concentrations)
  • Economics 
  • English
  • Environmental Studies (all concentrations)
  • Individually Designed/Interdisciplinary Studies (Capstone Project in major area of study)
  • Music (all concentrations)
  • Physics (all concentrations) 
  • Religion and Philosophy (all concentrations)
  • Sociology and Anthropology (all concentrations)
  • Theatre
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