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Conflict of Interest

Individuals participating in research or consultation projects must disclose any potential Conflict of Interest to the appropriate dean or supervisor prior to beginning the project, or to the appropriate institutional committee for review.  Such disclosure would be appropriate if there is a potential for the outcome of the project to lead to personal gain for the individual or his associates.

Berry College's Conflict of Interest policy

Intellectual Property

Berry College has developed a detailed Intellectual Property Policy that Office of Research and Sponsored Programs staff helps to enforce with regard to funded activities.  For the most part, Faculty who receive college support through internal grants are free to copyright articles, books, or other publications or to hold the patents for inventions in their own names for the materials resulting from their funded projects.  However, work supported by external funding may be subject to requirements of the sponsor.  For example, some sponsors may require that the resulting material be published, and others may require that the copyright or patent be held by the funding agency.

Berry College's Intellectual Property Policy

Facilities and Administrative Costs (Indirect Costs)

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs are those expenses that help support the research effort but cannot be directly charged to the grant project.  These costs include building and laboratory facilities, maintenance, utilities, library services, computer access, staff support, costs of federal compliance regulations, etc.  Berry College’s F&A rates are negotiated by the college with the federal government and are applied to all grant budgets (unless an agency puts restrictions on these types of costs).  Please contact the RASP office for the current rate for Berry College.

Berry College's Indirect Cost Policy


Berry College has developed a comprehensive Post-Award Grants Management Policy based on current federal government guidance.  By accepting a grant/contract the College is legally responsible to the sponsor for managing the award.  The Project Director/Principal Investigator is accountable for the proper fiscal management and conduct of the project.

Berry College's Grant Management Policy

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