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Student Grants

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Undergraduate Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research invites students from all disciplines and areas of study to apply for funding to support undergraduate research projects and creative activities. As defined by the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR), undergraduate research is “an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.” The research idea may originate with the student or it may be part of a larger faculty project.

Application Deadlines (2023-24)

RUGS, SRDF: September 13, November 8, January 17, March 27
Kirbo, Synovus, Richards: March 27
Abstracts for Symposium: February 21
SURF App: March 25
Faculty CURE App: March 25

Find a Mentor

Your future research mentor most likely will be a faculty member in the department of your major. Faculty love to talk about their research, so you can start by emailing a faculty member and ask them if they would be willing to meet with you to discuss their research. You may also want to ask them if they collaborate with undergraduates and if they would be willing to take you into their group. You may decide that research in your major does not appeal to you. Consider your minor area of study or perhaps look at related fields to your area of study. For example, you may be a pre-medical student interested in health policy or communication. Instead of researching in the biology department, you may look at the economics or communications departments.

If you feel stuck and you are not sure the best way to find a research mentor, you can make an appointment with the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research for a research advising session.

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