Berry College Facts

Applicant Name:

Applicant Organization Address:


Berry College, Inc. 

c/o Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 
P.O. Box 495006
Mount Berry, GA 30149-5006

Authorized Institutional Representative:  Stephen Briggs, President
Institution Financial Officer:  Brian Erb, Vice President for Finance
Fringe Benefit Rate:  26%; 9% summer
Indirect Cost Rate:   27% on campus; 15.5% off campus (based on MTDC) 
Federal Identification Number:    58-0566133 
State Identification Number:  057-79-00880-2
DUNS Number:    06-450-1000
Institution Code (NSF):   PRIV
U.S. Congressional District:    14th
Georgia Senate District:    52nd
Georgia Congressional District:    13th