First Year Programs

First-Year Programs

The Office of First-Year Experience organizes a number of programs throughout the year, including these:

First-Year Service Day: In August, freshmen team up with local community service organizations to engage in a variety of volunteer projects ranging from cleaning up streams to painting playground equipment. By taking part in First-Year Service Day, students experience Berry's motto: "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister."

Every summer, families of new Berry students receive First-Year Insight a newsletter devoted to helping families keep informed about the exciting changes in their students' lives.

BOLD Beginnings: During Viking Venture, first-year students participate in a two-and-a-half hour low elements initiatives course along with their first-year seminar classmates, instructor, and mentor. The program, developed by Mike King, director of Berry Outdoor Leadership Development (BOLD) is designed to foster teamwork, problem solving and camaraderie

Majors Fair: Each fall, the Office of First-Year Experience and the Career Development Center host a majors fair. Representatives from every major and minor are on hand to talk with students about opportunities and requirements for the field.

First-Year Advocate Awards: During the spring semester, the Office of First-Year Experience asks first-year students to nominate a faculty member, a staff member, or an upperclassman for the First-Year Advocate Award. Winners receive a cash prize, and it is a great way for freshmen to thank those people who have helped them succeed.

Behind the Scenes: In addition to all the programs and services described above, the Office of First-Year Experience is working behind the scenes to improve the freshman experience at Berry. Through survey research, personal and group interviews, committee work, and other services, the FYE Office is continually evaluating Berry's efforts to help freshmen take effective responsibility for their college education.