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Will I be overwhelmed by extra work demands?  
No. “Honors” does not necessarily mean a larger quantity of work attempted. Our Honors Program stresses the quality of work, not its quantity. We encourage engaged participation in class discussions, careful listening to the ideas of others, and independent, critical thinking in response to different ideas and perspectives. Many courses within the Honors program substitute for required Foundations courses you would have to take whether or not you participate in the Honors Program.

Will the Honors Program monopolize my college experience?
No. Honors students are strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and are usually involved in campus life beyond the Honors Program. Many Honors students distinguish themselves in athletics, student government, music, theatre, residence life leadership, forensics, and many other leadership roles.

Can I major in any discipline and be in the Honors Program?
Yes. Honors students have completed majors in a wide variety of fields from all four schools at Berry College. Your advisor and Honors Director will assist you in integrating your Honors and major coursework.

How many students are typically enrolled in Honors courses? 
Honors courses are normally capped at 15 students in order to allow for greater faculty-student interchange and to foster the creative, inquiry-based, discussion-oriented learning that is characteristic of Honors courses.

Is there an Honors student organization? 
Yes. The Honors Student Union is concerned with serving your intellectual and academic needs. The HSU creates an environment that promotes cross-disciplinary discussion and provides a strong social community to support you throughout your time at Berry College. In addition to encouraging your individual academic focus, the HSU will incorporate your interests into our community and create many new friendships and opportunities.

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