From the Directors

We emphasize three things in and through the Honors Program at Berry:

  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Leadership

As Berry’s best and brightest, honors students should be leading and modeling for the campus what it looks like to engage deeply with ideas, perspectives, issues, and problems. Leadership is, or should be, service, as well as serving the campus by example and by being conspicuously active, even proactive, in making Berry a better place. Of course, the originating idea behind the Honors Program is to give honors students the opportunity to get the most out of their college educations – to take classes in small group settings, to interact with and be taught by the college’s top faculty, and to be a part of and contribute to a dynamic learning community.

In pursuit of some of these goals and values, the Honors Program attempts to provide experiences that prepare students to practice and develop close analytical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Students are invited to examine new ideas and even radically different perspectives on a range of intellectual, cultural, and social issues. As an Honors faculty, we encourage the trial and error of applying skills and ideas in students’ own research agendas and creative projects.

Inter-cultural, trans-cultural study experiences are also an emphasis of the program, which his why we have partnered with the University of Glasgow in Scotland for a program of study specially tailored for our honors students. Opportunities for intensive research are also available through the EuroScholars program that partners us with several universities across Europe.