Recommended Four-Year Plan

First Year

  • Take at least 2 required Honors courses; one in the fall and the other in the spring 
    1) HON 201H- Perennial Questions (satisfies Foundations F4a)
    2) HON 203H- Institutions, Society & the Self (satisfies Foundations F4c)
    3) HON 205H - Scientific Approach to Contemporary Challenges (satisfies Foundations F4d)
  • You should also consider any appropriate Honors general education course.
  • You should also consider HON 250 courses cross-listed with various major courses. (Often count toward Foundations.)

Second Year

Attempt to take at least 2 Honors courses.

  • Take at least one HON 250H course 
  • Honors sections of general education courses
  • Honors 250 courses cross-listed with various major courses
  • Honors at Glasgow (either semester for Foundations)

Third Year

  • Finish up any lower-division Honors course requirements that remain
  • Register for HON 450H - Senior Thesis I in the spring
  • Honors at Glasgow (either semester for upper-level or Foundations)

Fourth Year

  • Register for HON 451H - Senior Thesis II in the fall and defend your thesis

Honors at Glasgow

The Honors Program has a special Honors at Glasgow Study Abroad program. Students will take one HON 250 course, Scottish Enlightenment, in addition to other courses. (This course may also satisfy a requirement in the Foundations curriculum.) Students should plan to study at Glasgow during the sophomore or junior year to be able to meet other honors requirements. See "Honors at Glasgow".

This four-year plan is a recommendation and is not mandatory; it is merely a suggested path to help you fulfill your Honors requirements. Other plans are possible. Discuss alternatives with Drs. Heller or Timberlake and/or your advisor.