Requirements for Graduation

Program Planning Guideline for Honors students intending to obtain a BAH, BMH, BSNH, or BSH degree. A minor in Honors of 21 hours is required for this degree: four required courses and three electives. Remember: Most Honors 200 level courses also satisfy Foundations requirements. 

Honors core (6 credit hours: choose any two of the following three courses)          

  • HON 201H - Perennial Questions (counts toward the Humanities Foundations Curriculum requirement)
  • HON 203H - Institutions, Society & the Self (counts toward the Social and Behavioral Sciences Foundations Curriculum requirement)
  • HON 205H - Scientific Approach to Contemporary Challenges (counts toward the Natural Sciences Foundations Curriculum requirement)

Honors Electives (minimum of 9 credit hours; choose three courses from the options below)

  • A third Honors core course not yet taken
  • University of Glasgow's Scottish Enlightenment course 
  • Any HON 250 course
  • Any designated Honors Foundations Curriculum course
  • Any "honorized" course

Courses Required during the Junior/Senior Year: 

  • HON 450H Senior Thesis I (recommended to be taken the second semester of junior year)
  • HON 451H Senior Thesis II

**Study Abroad:The Honors Program has a special Honors at Glasgow Study Abroad program. Discuss this with Honors students. Save one HON 250 for those going to Glasgow as the Scottish Enlightenment course is required there. (This course may also count toward Foundations requirements.) See “ Honors at Glasgow ”.