Communication Department

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “Communication majors” in U.S. colleges and universities. What makes the Berry College Communication major distinctive? Most of the advantages of a Berry COM major listed below are not each individually unique to Berry. It is the combination of all six that constitute the “Berry COM Edge.” 

  1. OUR UNIQUE GOAL. Our aim is to prepare our graduates for jobs and careers twenty years beyond graduation. We reject the notion that we must provide our students with knowledge of "this year’s" latest software program that will be history two years from now.  
  2. OUR UNIQUE BLEND OF THEORY AND PRACTICE. Our major excels at blending theoretical principles of communication with “hands-on” experience. Not only do our classes incorporate “real world” experience exercises, but our department also offers a vast array of opportunities through which majors can put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Additionally, we offer numerous internship opportunities and on-campus paid work opportunities.  
  3. OUR FORWARD OUTLOOK. Our faculty and staff constantly monitor future trends in communication fields and figure out how to adapt our teaching to prepare majors for these future changes. Our majors learn to communicate across multiple platforms—print, video, internet, still-photography, speech, etc. Our students will be prepared to adapt their messages to mobile devices and future platforms.  
  4. OUR COMMITMENT TO CORE PRINCIPLES. Although we keep an eye on future trends, we remain committed to core, ethical principles of communication: honesty, integrity, accuracy, fairness, thorough and careful research, critical thinking and transparency. These principles permeate all of our course instruction.   
  5. OUR OUTSTANDING FACULTY AND STAFF. Our department consists of an extraordinary group of faculty and staff dedicated to serving our majors (and the college). What our brief faculty bios do not mention is the vast amount of professional experience many have had in the media industry prior to coming to Berry. Moreover, our faculty excel at treating each major advisee with careful attention to the individual major’s needs and goals. We consider our department - faculty, staff, majors - a family. 
  6. Our major is an INTEGRAL PART OF THE TOTAL BERRY EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. Berry is a liberal arts college, and our major is firmly grounded in the tenets of a liberal arts education. Our belief is: you need to have something worth communicating if you want to learn how to communicate well. A sound liberal arts education gives you the foundation for learning what’s worth communicating.