Portfolio Information

Majors graduate from our department with what it takes to be successful in the increasingly competitive field of communication. Not only have they gained knowledge in their particular concentration area - whether it be journalism, public relations, sports communication or visual communication - but they've also had a great deal of hands-on experience both in and outside of class.

Creating a Portfolio

The Communication department offers students a way to show off what they've done during their stay at Berry. Every Communication major is required to compile a portfolio as part of COM 450: Senior Seminar in Ethics, and submit it for departmental review, grading, and approval. Portfolios are graded for creativity, style, organization, writing skills, professionalism, quality of research and the student's demonstrated competency in communication skills, knowledge, and techniques.

Portfolio requirements will assist the students in seeing how the knowledge and skills they have acquired and cultivated over four years have prepared them for entry into a competitive job market. Below are the requirements; students are encouraged to include more than the minimum.

Portfolio Requirements

All portfolios, regardless of concentration, are required to contain a professional resume and a revised communication research paper. See additional requirements for each concentration below.

Multimedia Journalism

  • 7 published articles (a minimum of 4 must be hard news stories)
  • 3-5 published photos or page layout designs
  • 2 published examples of multimedia storytelling, such as a text story 
    with video/photo gallery, photo slideshow with sound-bytes, Flash presentation of a news story, etc.
  • 1 sample of copy-editing

Public Relations

  • 3-5 published articles or other published written materials
  • 2 news releases
  • At least 2 samples that demonstrate the following: design, photography and/or videography skill; multimedia package; strategic use of social media communication; or strategic research and analysis

Sports communication

  • Minimally include materials from four of the categories below:
  • 5 sports photographs (a minimum of 3 must be published)
  • 3-5 published sports news stories
  • 2 sports-oriented news releases
  • 3-5 publication designs (brochures, newspaper pages, magazine spreads, marketing materials, etc.)
  • 2 published moving image sports-oriented projects (promotional video, video release, news story, training film, etc.)
  • Evidence of strategic social media communication for an organization or cause

Visual Communication 

  • Minimally include materials from four of the categories below:
  • 7-10 photographs, at least five of which are published
  • 1 promotional script and 1 screenplay
  • 3-5 publication designs (brochures, newspaper pages, magazine spreads, marketing materials, etc.)
  • 2 published moving image projects (short film, promotional video, news story, etc.)
  • 2 published examples of multimedia storytelling
  • 1 program proposal for a recurring moving image series OR 1 three-year business plan for a visual communication-related business