Imagine a group of students, passionate about aesthetics in written and visual art. Then imagine this group of opinionated students sifting through submissions and choosing the best representative spectrum of Berry student work for all of your peers to see. If you can imagine this then you have just envisioned the staff of Ramifications, the art and literary magazine of Berry College. Can’t you picture yourself as part of this staff? The magazine receives submissions from students of all majors in the categories of poetry, fiction, essays, creative non-fiction and all types of visual art. Ramifications allows for
the Berry creative community to showcase its labor.

Student working on magazinesLearning and having fun

Ramifications provides for a great educational experience. The staff learns about magazine design, pre-press production, art, literature, time management and leadership. The skills learned at Ramifications are certainly not limited to English or Communication majors. We welcome all students, regardless of major, to join our staff. Those on Ram staff quickly learn to train their eyes to pay attention to the smallest of details.

If you’re interested in contributing to the creation and compilation of an award-winning literary magazine, Ramifications is for you.

Working with Ramifications 

Ramifications is a 32-page magazine published once each semester. The primary responsibilities of the staff members that work with Ramifications are to select the art
and literature that will appear in a given issue and to arrange those selections onto the pages. We typically have six students working in a paid capacity with another four to six working as volunteers. For those students not interested in a staff position, the opportunity to submit work for potential use in the publication is open to all students.