The World Is Our Campus

Our department realizes that the education of leaders in the 21st century must take students beyond the “Berry Bubble.” That is why the Communication major is a B.A. degree—requiring mastery of a foreign language. That is why our department strongly supports “Study Abroad” efforts. In recent years, our faculty members have led summer Communication “Study Abroad” programs in England, France, Ireland, Italy, and most recently in Madrid, Spain. A Summer 2016 program is being planned for Vienna, Austria. Talk with a member of the Communication faculty if you want more information about this.

Our majors have studied abroad or interned in 16 different countries in recent years: Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, South Africa, China, Bhutan, France, Costa Rica, Japan, Greece and Iceland.

Our department is committed to ensuring that, whatever it takes, we will “grease the way” to make sure that any major can secure an “international experience” (semester abroad, summer abroad or internship). Our department genuinely believes that “The World Is Our Campus.” We promise to deliver accordingly. 

For more information on study abroad, see the International Programs website.