English, Rhetoric & Writing Department

Are you interested in reading and creative writing? Have you ever wondered, "Why does Dr. Frankenstein create that crazy monster?" Or, "Why didn't Juliet leave Romeo a note before she drank that sleeping potion?" Well, if you have, then you've come to the right place. While majoring in English, you will be engaged in reading, analyzing, writing about and discussing a wide range of texts written in English or available in English translation.

All Berry students will take at least one or two courses in our department to fulfill requirements in Berry’s General Education Program. We believe that those courses are a foundation for all majors at Berry as you explore improving your analytical writing and critical thinking skills. Strong communication skills are at the heart of every major, thus every profession, and we work with our colleagues across the campus to ensure that those skills are incorporated into your learning experiences throughout the curriculum.

At the same time, we offer a dynamic major and minor. We encourage you to consider a double major at Berry – or perhaps a major and one or more minors. For those whose goal is to teach, we work closely with our colleagues in education to be sure that you graduate fully certified and fully knowledgeable both about classroom strategies and with a rich expertise in your discipline. Our major with an emphasis upon literature offers you the opportunity to explore works from not only English and American Literature, but also around the world. As English has emerged as the primary international language, writers from many countries – long influenced by British and American authors – are adding to the rich tradition of works published both in English and translated from their native language into English. English Studies now encompasses an international community of authors exploring age-old questions and contemporary issues. Thus, you will have the opportunity to study texts, theory, and modes of delivery which now include digital formats. Finally, our new major in Creative Writing recognizes the growing interest in creative work among students as well as the essential foundation of reading works of published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction prose. In addition, you will have regular opportunities to interact with published writers who visit campus and to present your own work to and beyond our campus. 

We encourage you to learn more about our programs, our individual classes, and our faculty’s commitment to your success at Berry College and beyond. 

Do you have any news to share? You can pass it on to one of our faculty members or email us at english@berry.edu. We'd love to hear from you.