Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program is a Berry College initiative designed to enhance logical thought processes, foster mature decision making, and produce graduates who are confident, skilled communicators in both written and spoken media. To accomplish these aims, the program involves College leaders (President, Provost, and Deans), Faculty, Students and Staff in a program of instruction which spans all four years of education. At our institution, former president President Colley's original charge to Berry's WAC Committee was to foster “excellence in thinking and writing” within each graduate of Berry College. To accomplish this goal, the WAC program supports WI faculty from all disciplines to foster a “thinking in writing” model for all WI courses. First year writing students work to master analytical thinking skills and to apply those in writing about contemporary issues to academic, professional, and civic audiences. Faculty in the various disciplines attend workshops to understand the goals, standards, and methods of the First Year Writing Program and to understand how to apply those elements to help students think and write analytically/critically about specific subjects in all disciplines. Excellence among our graduates in “thinking and writing” results from common, cooperative effort of all faculty members in all disciplines.