Firsthand Opportunities

Opportunities Within the Major

As students advance in the major, many earn the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors in Directed Study and Writer's Tutorial courses. Here are some of the projects students have worked on in the past:

  • a study of the Beat poets and their cultural influences
  • a study of 20th-century American immigrant women’s autobiographies
  • a study of contemporary critical theory
  • tutorial in advanced writing for online environments
  • tutorial in advanced poetry writing
  • tutorial in play writing

Some students receive internship positions around Rome, in Atlanta, or elsewhere in the United States during the summer or academic school year. A sample of these current and recent internship opportunities are listed below:

  • Havana Cigars (Rome, Ga) - Electronic Newsletters and Brochures
  • Vini, Vidi, Vici Magazine (Rome, Ga) - Writer
  • Rome Area Council for the Arts
  • Creative Loafing, an Atlanta area arts & music weekly - Writer

After senior year, many students choose to continue their education by attending various graduate schools throughout the country. Other opportunities include fellowships and travel abroad experiences.

Work Opportunities

Because of its unique work-study program, Berry College prides itself on having many different work opportunities for all majors and minors. That fact remains true in the English, Rhetoric, and Writing Department where we have a variety of jobs available to major and non-major alike. If you are interested in positions and openings, contact the departmental secretary Kathy Wilson at x2279 for more information. 

Below are just two possibilities here in the English, Rhetoric, and Writing Department:

Professors hire student workers to help with their research and other clerical duties. If you think you might be interested in such a duty, see the individual professor, or check with the departmental secretary for available positions.

Students are also hired and trained to serve as tutors in The Writing Center. One does not have to be an English major to be a tutor. When students desire help in the writing process, they go see a writing tutor. These tutors work with students to help them move from “writerly” drafts (in which they invent, develop, and organize their ideas) to “readerly” drafts (in which they signpost and edit their ideas for real readers). The Writing Center also offers a Writing Associate Program. A Writing Associate is a senior tutor who is placed with a particular professor and assists students within a Writing Intensive-designated class to develop better drafts for assigned papers. For more information, contact the director of the Writing Center in Evans 233.

There are, of course, many opportunities at Berry for students who want to be involved in the English department. We look forward to your involvement in the multiple opportunities within the department.