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The Berry College Music Department provides a full array of choices for incoming students seeking to pursue a degree in Music. Music majors can choose from concentrations in Performance, Education or elective studies in Music Business. Non-major students can minor in Music, or participate in many of the academic classes and performance ensembles. For students more inclined for a customized degree, many of the Music classes and qualifications can be incorporated into inter-disciplinary study programs in which the student and an advisor designs during the beginning of the academic track.

Students seeking to pursue a Bachelor of Music Education actively participate in teaching methods and preparation, and are required to pass state certification for grades K-12 in choral and instrumental music by the end of their enrollment with Berry College. Courses taken by Music Education students are similar to those seeking Performance degrees, including general education core classes, music theory and history, conducting and private lessons, but Education students are also required to participate in student teaching and education courses, and to be familiar with all instrumental methods.

Students seeking to pursue a Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business are amply prepared for a career in the music industry. Similar to that of a Performance-based track, the Music Business students must participate in the general education core classes, music theory and history courses, conducting and private lessons, but also must take music industry, business classes, and, by graduation, must have completed six hours of department approved music industry internships.

For complete degree requirements, please contact the departmental office of the Music Program.