Berry College Music Program Facilities

Ford Complex Programal Building

Practice Rooms- The Ford Complex houses two floors entirely devoted to the Music Program. On each floor, private practice rooms are equipped with acoustic pianos. Practice rooms are available to all students during the open hours of the Program. Specifically designated practice spaces are available to piano majors and percussion students.

Studio Offices- The two floors of the Music Program house spacious offices for each faculty member. Studio offices are used for applied music lessons and chamber rehearsals. Each office is equipped with acoustic pianos, Mac desktops and audio systems. 

Piano Lab- The Music Program contains a state-of-the-art piano lab, furnished with twelve individual Yamaha Clavinova stations. The lab is used for group piano classes, and is available for student-use during open hours. 

Midi Lab- The Music Program houses two interactive Midi-labs complete with Mac Desktops and midi controllers. Each station is fitted with Finale notation software and high-speed internet access. 

Recording Studio & Pro-Tools Lab- For music business classes and individual projects, a fully functioning recording and editing studio is housed in the Music Program. With modern software, the lab provides a space for recording, mixing, editing, and student production.

Music Library- The Berry College Music Program houses a vast collection of scores and texts in the memorial Library. Available to students during open hours, the library serves as a valuable research resource for students and faculty. Berry College music students also have access to many online resources including membership to Naxos Audio Library.

Berry College Performance Venues

Ford Auditorium- Located in the beautiful Ford Complex, the Ford Auditorium is the main concert venue for the Music Program. The Ford Auditorium houses ensemble performances, faculty and student recitals, guest artist recitals, and is home to the Berry College Concert Series. Ford Auditorium’s exterior is distinguished by a large clock tower. Inside, the 350-seated venue contains cathedral windows and an ornate interior. Visit this page to learn more about the upcoming renovation of Ford Auditorium. 

Berry College Chapel- A centerpiece of Berry’s main campus is the College Chapel, a stunning Victorian-style structure built in 1915. The 1,000-seat venue is the home to the Berry College Concert Choir and other music performances throughout the year. 

Frost Chapel- A favorite location for intimate solo and chamber music performances, Frost Chapel is located on Berry’s Mountain Campus. Built in 1937, the stone chapel has beautiful stained-glass windows and wooden-beamed ceilings, creating remarkable acoustics.