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Berry College Theatre Company - Theatre worth doing

Play a part in one of the most exciting theatre companies in the southeast. At Berry College Theatre College we strive to do theatre worth doing – it’s our motto! But our theatre students need your help.

As college students, the funds for attending important events in the life of a theatre major are limited; but, we at BCTC feel that these events add so much to the overall college experience – some even leading to paid professional theatre work. Below are some examples of why our students need your support:

  • Georgia Theatre Conference: This conference is the stepping stone for summer professional theatre work (from acting to tech work). There are also many workshops and competitions that take place. 
  • Southeastern Theatre Conference: This is the premier theatre conference in the nation. Professional companies come from around the country to screen actors and technicians for paid summer theatre positions. The conference features workshops by working theatre professionals, as well as professors from around the country. Exposure to these professionals often leads to job contacts. 
  • Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival: The Kennedy Center (yes, that Kennedy Center!) founded this festival to promote higher achievement on the collegiate level. Every show at BCTC is a participant in this prestigious festival. Workshops and mini playwriting festivals proliferate through the festival. 

All of these conferences have fees associated with them, but without them there is no chance of getting paid summer work (or the proverbial “foot in the door!”) in theatres around the nation. Not only do the students have to pay fees, there are hotels, meals and gas to cover.

This is why we are reaching out to you. There are several levels of giving, all suited to your theatrical taste. All funds will go to support our students – all of whom are theatrical activists. 

Please consider giving, so that our majors can continue to attend these rare and wonderful opportunities. The information below is a listing on how to give and a breakdown of donation possibilities. All donations are tax deductible. 

Executive Producer: $5000 per year 

Producer: $2500 per year  

Associate Producer: $1500 per year

Benefactor: $1000 per year

Patron: $500 per year

Sponsor: $250 per year

Contributor: $100 per year

Donor: $50 per year

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please contact: Dr. Anna Filippo, Director of Theatre. The theatre front office number is (706)236-2263. Or you can email

Thank you for your time and investment in our theatre students!