After Graduation


Our graduates have flourished over the years in government, the practice of law, political campaigning, graduate study, and many other fields. A number are or have taught at the college level at schools such as Washington and Lee University, University of West Florida, Oglethorpe University, and the University of Wisconsin.

Just in the last several years, our graduates have won fellowships to study political philosophy at Fordham University, St. John’s College, the University of Dallas, Georgetown University, the University of Virginia, Baylor University, and the Claremont Graduate School; public policy at Michigan State University; American politics at the University of Virginia and Emory University, and international studies and comparative politics at Syracuse University and the University of Iowa.  Several of our graduates have won the prestigious Carl Albert Fellowships for congressional studies at the University of Oklahoma.  Last spring alone, five of our graduates received major awards from leading graduate programs.

Many of our graduates have been admitted to and done very well in a wide variety of law schools, including Harvard and Virginia, and a good number have received scholarships. Most recently, one received the most prestigious scholarship given by Vanderbilt and another received a similar scholarship from Emory University.  Our graduates have run major campaigns for both parties and serve as District Attorneys, city managers, judges, regional planners, and in various places in the federal government.  They also can be found at a large and diverse group of law firms throughout the country.  Several have received scholarships to and studied at prestigious divinity schools, such as Princeton and Duke.

Several of our graduates have distinguished themselves in military service and others have risen high with major corporations.  One wrote two best-selling novels, and several are successful journalists.

Our graduates have also managed a number of campaigns at both the national and state levels.  At the national level, Bob Barr’s campaign for re-election to Congress; another is a top figure in the campaign of the Democratic insurgent Roger Kahn (after having directed several other successful congressional campaigns).  In the 2006 election one of our graduates managed the nation’s only successful state-wide Republican challenge to an incumbent office holder.   The present District Attorney of Floyd County, Georgia is one of our graduates; others now work as city managers and regional planners and with the federal government after receiving degrees from leading schools of public administration.

Graduate Schools

We pride ourselves on placing a good number of our majors and minors in law school and graduate schools upon graduation. In just the past few years, our students have been accepted at the following graduate schools:

Baylor University
Dallas Theological Seminary
George Washington University/Elliot School
Georgetown University
Georgia State University
Kennedy School, Harvard University
Kennesaw University
Maxwell School at Syracuse University
Princeton Theological Seminary

St. Johns University
Texas A&M University
University of Alabama, Birmingham
University of Bradford, UK
University of Georgia
University of Iowa
University of Virginia
Webster University

Law Schools

Berry College’s record of placing students in highly competitive law schools is excellent, as demonstrated by the following list of law schools that have accepted Berry graduates. Schools in bold rank among the top fifty in the nation.

American University
Boston College
Boston University
City University of NY School of Law
Emory University
Fordham University
Georgia State
George Mason University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Hofstra University
Indiana University
Marquette Mercer University
N Y Law School
Northeastern University

Northwestern University
Notre Dame Law School
Ohio Northern University
Penn State (Dickenson School of Law)
Reagent University
Samford University (Cumberland School of Law)
Tulane University
University of Georgia
University of North Carolina
University of Tennessee
University of Alabama
University of CA Berkley
University of Chicago
University of Cincinnati
University of Kentucky

University of Maryland
University of Richmond
University of Southern California
University of Texas
Univeristy of Utah
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Vermont Law School
Villanova University
Wake Forest
Washington and Lee University Law School
Washington University
William and Mary Law School
Williamette University School of Law

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