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Why major in Political Science?

The Political Science Department at Berry College offers students a comprehensive, theoretically informed, empirically rich, and historically sensitive set of courses. The major’s upper-division courses cover a wide range of areas including international studies and comparative politics, but students in this major often focus their studies on American political institutions and processes as well as political philosophy. In the field of American politics, Political Science students can choose courses that cover the three political branches, constitutional law, public administration and public policy, the American Founding, American political development, political parties and interest groups. Among the political philosophy choices offered by the department include ancient, modern, contemporary, and American political thought. We encourage our Political Science majors to take a wide variety of courses from all the department’s professors—who, together, represent a wide variety of methodological and ideological perspectives—but those students who wish to particularly focus on international studies or comparative politics may wish to consider majoring in International Studies.  

Students majoring in Political Science have successfully pursued a wide variety of careers both in the public and private sectors, and in recent years our graduates have gone on to law school, graduate school, theology school, national government, state government, the media, and industry.