History Justice

History + Justice

Students major in History; minor in Legal Studies, Political Science, Business, or Sociology/Anthropology; and intern at a law office or institution closely involved with legal issues. This specialization prepares students for law school or careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, government, regulatory compliance, legal research, lobbying, and social work.


  • Required History Courses (36 hours), including HIS 433 Recent U.S History or 444 Nazi Germany and Holocaust;
  • Complete HIS 402 History + X (1 hour);
  • Complete internship at law office or institution involved with legal issues (HIS 496 or GOV 496 or MGT 496 or MKT 496 or FIN 496 or ACC 496 or SOC 496 or ANT 496: 3 hours)*;
  • Complete Either Minor in Legal Studies (18 hrs), or Minor in Political Science (18 hrs), or Minor in Business (21 hrs), or Minor in Sociology (18 hrs), or Minor in Anthropology (18 hrs).

* may be taken as part of requirements for the HIS Major or Minor in GOV, BUS, SOC, or ANT