History Writing

History + Writing

Students major in History; minor in English, Philosophy, Public Relations, or Creative Writing; and give a public presentation of their work.  This specialization prepares students for jobs in editing, copy-writing, technical writing, grant writing, P.R., content strategy and creation, creative and communications strategy, script-writing, and related fields.


  • Required History Course (36 hours);
  • Complete HIS 402 History + X (1 hour);
  • Complete one additional WI course (3 hours)*;
  • Complete HIS 299 History Practicum (0 hours);
  • Complete either Minor in English (18 hours), or Minor in Creative Writing (18 hours), or Minor in Philosophy (21 hours), or Minor in Public Relations (21 hours). 

* may be taken as part of the requirements for the Major in History or the Minors in English, Creative Writing, Philosophy, or Public Relations