History X

History PLUS

For the History PLUS major, students complete the same requirements as the standard History major (36 hrs) PLUS one of eight History PLUS concentrations. Since only the B.A. degree is offered for History PLUS majors, all students must complete the B.A. foreign-language requirement. If the Student pursues a History PLUS major as the second of two majors, the first of which is a B.S. major, the student must still complete the foreign language requirement to earn the History PLUS major.

 Required History Courses (36 hours)

  • HIS 120 Foundations of Modern America (3 hours) 
  • HIS 154 World History to 1550 (3 hours) 
  • HIS 155 World History Since 1550 (3 hours) 
  • HIS 491 Historiography (3 hours) 
  • 9 Hours 300-400 level U.S History (9 hours) 
  • 9 Hours 300-400 level non-U.S. History (9 hours) 
  • Remaining 6 hours of History Electives (6 hours)

History PLUS Pathways