Department of World Languages and Cultures

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers majors and minors in French, German and Spanish. Students study at Berry and abroad. Many of our students are double majors with business, education or other humanities majors. The Department of World Languages and Cultures is committed to providing students with the opportunity of becoming proficient in the languages it offers as well as their literature and cultures, and to gain cross- and inter-cultural competency and global awareness. It seeks to graduate majors and minors with advanced communicative skills in speaking, reading, and writing, cultural knowledge of foreign countries and a sophisticated understanding of the problems and promises that a globalized world presents. All courses in the Department, from introductory language classes to upper-level seminars, adhere to the methodology of communicative language teaching by which students acquire a foreign language as early as their first year. The Department strives to fulfill these goals by supporting the diverse scholarly activities of its faculty, through excellence in teaching and by providing students with outreach activities designed to enhance the classroom experience with real-life applications.