Placement Test

Who should take the test? 

Transfer students and incoming freshmen who have studied a foreign language in high school or at another college/university and want to continue study in that language at Berry College need to take the WebCAPE Online Placement Exam. This online exam is available in French, German and Spanish. You should take the online placement exam before coming to Summer Advising and Orientation (SOAR) so that you will know the World Languages and Cultures class in which to register.

Only take the placement exam if you studied the language previously AND plan on taking that language at Berry College. The Placement Exam should only be taken once.  

What is WebCAPE?  

WebCAPE is a Computer Adaptive Placement Exam. The test is given online and covers grammar, reading, and vocabulary. It is an adaptive test meaning that questions vary according to your level of language skills. Students may take the exam from any computer with internet access and a browser. The test is multiple-choice, and typically takes 20-30 minutes.

Test Scores

Placement exam results are available to students immediately after finishing the exam. Though students’ advisors will have access to these placement scores as well, students would be well advised to print out a copy of their test scores.  Depending on your score (and your years of foreign language instruction—see Placement Policy below), the World Languages and Cultures faculty will determine the appropriate placement. Information about each student’s placement will be provided to advisors prior to registration.

Placement Policy:

Placement into World Languages and Cultures classes is based upon Berry College placement test scores, previous experience with the language and, in some cases individual consultation with World Languages and Cultures faculty. All students who plan to enroll in a World Languages and Cultures course are required to take the Berry College World Languages and Cultures Placement Exam if they have taken any courses in that language in high school. Students will not be allowed to take a course below the indicated placement determined by the department. A student may petition the Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures to be enrolled in a course other than that initially indicated. Such a determination will be made after a more detailed evaluation of speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency, which will be conducted by a World Languages and Cultures faculty member.  

Minimum required scores to register for:

FRE 101 = below 280      GER 101 = below 275      SPA 101 = below 275
FRE 102 = 280 – 355      GER 102 = 276 – 380       SPA 102 = 276 - 340
FRE 200 = 356 – 427      GER 200 = 380 – 427       SPA 200 = 341 - 427

If you score 427+, please contact the department for placement advice.

WebCAPE Instructions:  


  • Disable all pop-up blockers on your web browser.                                                                        
  • Try to avoid peak connect times for your Internet provider, or times when you have experienced dropped connections. 
  • Once you begin the exam, do not click outside of the exam window or your exam will be invalidated and terminated. In addition, do NOT use the “BACK” button on your browser to navigate through the test. If you use your browser’s BACK button, your test will terminate without being scored and you will have to start over.
  • Use your Berry Student ID as your ID #. 
  • You must enter your College ID (It's a 6 digit number, NOT your social security ID), in the ID Number Field after you have selected the language test you want to take. Even though it is not marked as required, your test will not be registered if you leave this field blank. You can get your Berry ID from your Admission Profile.
  • You will be asked for a user name and password. The password is mailed to you along with your admission letter; however, if you have to take the test at a later date, the password can be obtained from the secretary of the Department of Foreign Languages at
Take the exam.