Foreign Language Requirements (B.A.)

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree at Berry College must demonstrate intermediate level ability in a modern foreign language. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the following ways:

1. Successful completion of the 200-level course in the foreign language

2. Proficiency Testing (Testing out of the introductory language classes)

The Department of World Languages and Cultures Placement Exam and students’ previous experience with the language determine the level at which students should begin their foreign language study. Students who have completed 2 years of French, German, or Spanish in high school may not enroll in 101.

Should students place at the 102 level, 101 will be waived, and students will begin study in 102. Likewise, should students place at the 200 level, both 101 and 102 will be waived, and student will begin study in 200.

Students whose placement exam scores place them above the 200 level may request further testing of conversation and composition in order to waive the 200-level course; or they may complete the 200-level class offered in the language.

Those students who have taken Advanced Placement courses in high school and scored a grade of 4 or 5 on the AP foreign language test will receive 4 credit hours for the 200 course and will have successfully demonstrated intermediate level ability. These students are eligible for placement at the 300 level.