Policies and Procedures

The Language Resource Center serves the language practice needs of currently enrolled foreign language students. A few simple guidelines and rules should help to make the LRC a stress-free and pleasant learning environment for everyone:

(1) You are welcome to use the lab for language practice if you are currently enrolled in a foreign language class (French, German, and Spanish) at Berry College.

(2) All students wishing to use the LRC must check into the lab at the front desk. No one will be admitted to the lab without valid identification.

(3) Please be seated at any vacant computer workstation in the lab.

(4) No eating or drinking is permitted in the language lab.

(5) Please turn off your cell phones and other devices upon entering the lab.

(6) You may not access hardware, or set-up/modify software.

(7) No downloading is permitted! Save your work on a disk, or thumb drive but not on the hard drive of the computer.

(8) Printing and computer resources are for language practice. Please limit the printing of compositions to the final draft. Students wishing to write papers for non-language courses should use printing facilities at other open-access labs on campus.

(9) For general web surfing or email checking, please use the Computer Lab in Evans 206F.

(10) We do not provide photocopying in the LRC.

(11) Please ask a lab student worker for assistance if you encounter a computer problem.

(12) You are responsible for the use of all LRC materials. Please refrain from unauthorized lab activities, and do keep your workplace clean.

(13) Remember to collect your belongings when you leave the lab. If you have left something in the LRC please see a lab assistant.

Please remember that this is an educational environment. Speak softly and be considerate to other lab users