Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is a vibrant campus organization dedicated to providing mentoring and preparation for students interested in joining the legal profession. The Society is also an opportunity for students with a shared interest in the law to take part in programs on law related topics. To that end, the Society will offer the following types of activities in the coming years:

  • Mock LSAT exams to introduce students to the format and testing conditions of the all-important Law School Admissions Test.
  • On-campus LSAT preparation classes (subject to sufficient student enrollment).
  • Guest speakers from the legal profession to help students in deciding on the type of legal career that would be best for them.
  • Alumni programs where students can learn about the law school experience and about practicing law as a career.
  • Co-sponsorships with other student organizations of conferences and programs related to legal issues.   
  • Internship opportunities for Pre-Law Society members.
  • Advice and assistance in selecting an appropriate law school program and in preparing law school applications.