Religion & Philosophy

The Department of Religion and Philosophy offers a broad range of courses in such areas as the history of Christianity, ethics, world religions as well as in the history of philosophy and a variety of philosophical topics. With concentrations available in both Religion and Philosophy and minors in both areas, you are sure to find a way to enhance your Berry education with the study of either philosophy or religion. The study of the human religious and philosophical experience is not confined to the pages of books, or to lofty sounding words. Instead, it encompasses some of the most fundamental elements of daily experience. Courses in religion and philosophy will teach you to think deeply and respectfully about the ways that people interact with the world. The faculty of the department at Berry College has a wide range of interests and areas of expertise, from Logic to Buddhism, New Testament scholarship to Modern Analytic Philosophy. With this material, students will broaden both their critical reasoning skills, and their understanding of how people respond to each other, and the world around them.