Why Philosophy?

As a philosophy major, you will learn how to use reason and logic to answer some of the most important and challenging questions asked about human beings and the world. Courses such as Critical Thinking, Symbolic Logic, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, and Modern Philosophy will sharpen your ability to solve problems, think logically, read carefully and write both clearly and persuasively. These skills are useful and desirable in every field, whether your goal is a career in the computer science industry (which values a strong background in logic) or to continue your education in graduate school or professional school. Philosophy majors outperform all other majors in the humanities and social sciences on the LSAT and GRE.

Recent philosophy graduates have continued their studies at law schools, medical schools, and graduate programs in philosophy and other disciplines at such institutions as Vanderbilt University, Boston College, St. John’s College, Washington University, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Virginia, the University of Colorado and the Medical College of Georgia. Several also have received prestigious scholarships.

Philosophy: A Dynamic Major 

The Value of the Examined Life