Sociology & Anthropology

Human beings both form the societies in which they participate and are shaped by those societies. Anthropology and sociology study the balance between these two dynamics: We see individuals as both products of social groups and as producers of new cultural trends. While sociologists often have focused on larger-scale, industrialized societies and anthropologists have emphasized non-Western, smaller, non-industrialized groups, some anthropologists do their research in locations such as American cities, and some sociologists study small villages in India.

Ultimately both subjects aim at improving our understanding of what it means to be human by highlighting the diversity and similarities among human groups. In Sociology and Anthropology classes, students will deepen their understanding of how other people live and develop an awareness of the inequalities which shape the lives of everyone in today's world. Students will also learn how to relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. They will develop these skills through hands-on activities and by observing and analyzing the world around them. Sociology and anthropology embody the education of the head, the heart and the hands, making them a vital part of a Berry education!