Firsthand Opportunities 

Study Abroad

Since we believe that we can learn best about our own society and other people by seeing different ways of life, we strongly encourage students in the department to spend time overseas.  Staying in a place longer than a few days will give you an opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of it, as well as a greater understanding of our own society.  Possible ways to live outside the United States for an extended period include academic study programs, service projects, State Department Internships, Experiment in International Living, Peace Corps, teaching through Worldteach and IFESH, or other employment. Our school has a study abroad program and a number of large universities also have study abroad programs that may accept students from other institutions.  Explore your options! Visit the International Programs webpage, surf the web or come talk to us and see where you could go. 


Since both sociology and anthropology involve hands on learning as well as books, we encourage our students to learn through interning with local organizations. Students may receive academic credit for internships. Academic internships provide an ideal opportunity for students to explore a potential career path, see how the ideas learned in courses and readings help us to make sense of the social world, build skills and a resume for future jobs and serve worthwhile organizations. Some students work as interns in the Rome area during one semester of their junior or senior year, while others have done internships during the summer near their home community or in another city. A few have worked as interns as part of study abroad programs or summer volunteering overseas. Some international internship opportunities have included a mission summer camp in Kenya, an indigenous medicine research group in Peru, a poverty relief organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina and an after-school care facility for poor children in South Africa. Wherever someone chooses to intern, we strongly recommend the experience!  

Here are sample institutions where SOC and ANT students have completed internships:      

  • Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS)
  • City of Rome
  • Rome Housing Authority
  • Rome Area Council for the Arts
  • Hospitality House
  • Rome Police Department
  • Coosa River Basin Initiative
  • Sexual Assault Center
  • The United Way
  • Floyd County Jail
  • Rome Action Ministries
  • William S. Davies Shelter
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Rome Free Clinic
  • Atlanta History Center
  • Urban Promise (youth ministry), Camden, NJ
  • A Youth Ministry, Dallas, TX
  • Chieftain's Museum
  • Atlanta History Center

And there are many more! You can choose a site that complements your academic interests, social concerns and individual talent.  

An academic internship does take some planning, and we are ready to help. To set up an internship, students must begin by consulting with the Career Center staff. The staff will help students start to explore potential sites as well as provide specific guidance for the application process. Departmental faculty will assist in locating a suitable location, and a faculty member will serve as the Academic Supervisor for the internship, developing the reading list and assignments for the course syllabus with the student. To ensure timely completion of the approval process and the Career Center’s MANDATORY pre-internship training session, students should begin looking into potential internship sites (in consultation with their advisor, other members of the department, and the Career Center) at least a semester before the semester when they wish to do the internship.