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Billing Procedures

The following is information about the billing procedures for the various program types.


  • Students are not billed for SIP program fees, instead students pay for their fees in advance by making payments directly to the Cashier’s Window.
  • Instructions for how and when to make payments is in your SIP application.
  • Each SIP has its own deposit amounts, due dates, and withdrawal deadline.

Semester and Summer Affiliated Programs

  • Students pay Berry tuition and the host program’s housing (instead of Berry’s room & board fees) and international health insurance rate - not the fee listed on the host program’s website.
    • This allows students to use all their financial aid and scholarships toward the program fees
    • Some partners have an application fee and a deposit that students will pay directly to the partner.
  • Semester students are billed the 12-18 credit tuition rate. If a student takes over 18 credits, they will be billed for the additional tuition.
  • Summer students are billed the summer tuition rate based on the number of credits they take abroad.
  • Once International Experiences receives the invoice from the partner program, they will send the student a budget sheet with a breakdown of the fees they will be billed as well as additional fees to take into consideration.
  • Students are billed following Berry’s typical billing cycle. This sometimes causes confusion for students because partner deadlines are sometimes earlier than Berry’s payment deadline, but that is ok.
  • If a student withdraws from a program, they will follow the refund/withdrawal policies of the affiliated partner.

Transient Programs

  • Students pay all their fees directly to their host program, and nothing is paid to Berry.
  • If a student withdraws from a program, they will follow the refund/withdrawal policies of the transient program.

Berry Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • It is important that you meet with your Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how your aid package can be used for your study abroad program.
  • All your financial aid and scholarships can be used towards affiliated programs and SIPs.
    • For semester programs, this means that many students pay the same, or even less, to go abroad as they would to be at Berry.
    • Students often have no or little aid available for the summer, as it’s all been allocated for the Fall and Spring semesters.
    • SIP payments are usually due before students have access to their summer aid. Students who need their summer aid to make SIP payments will need to work with the International Experiences and Financial Aid offices.
  • Financial aid cannot be used on transient programs.
  • If you have a credit after your aid and your bill has been applied to your account, you are able to request a refund check through Student Financial Services.

study abroad Scholarships

Berry offers semester and summer study abroad scholarships. International Experiences also advises students on a number of external scholarships. To see the scholarship listing, please visit the scholarship page on Berry Abroad.

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