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The world is your classroom! Berry offers hundreds of programs in about 50 different countries. All these options may seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help guide you through finding the program that is the right fit for you.

Program Types

Summer International Programs (SIPs)

  • Each summer, Berry professors take students abroad for special topics classes. Locations, topics, and program fees vary year to year.
  • If students have financial aid for the summer, it may be eligible to use for SIP fees. Students will need to work with the Financial Aid Office and International Experiences to determine how aid could be applied.

Affiliated Programs

  • Berry partners with several universities and program providers who run programs around the world.
  • On these programs, you pay Berry tuition and the host program’s housing and insurance fees.
    Students are able to use their financial aid and scholarships toward these program fees.

Exchange Programs

  • On exchanges, you swap spots with a student at one our partner universities. You pay Berry tuition and insurance and the host university’s housing.
  • Berry has exchange agreements with Seoul Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea and the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England.

Intern, Research, Volunteer Abroad

  • It is possible to do more than take classes abroad! Many of our affiliated partners offer stand-alone internships, research, or volunteer programs. Often you can add these on while taking classes during your semester abroad. These opportunities could be for-credit or non-credit.
  • Additionally, it is possible for students to complete a directed study or independent internship abroad.

Program Search

Berry Abroad is our online program search and application system. There you can browse all the programs. Below are some tips on how to effectively search for programs.

  • You can enter keywords, such as part of a program’s name or city, or you can search using Filters
  • Click on Filters to search by term, country, program type, or academic field.
  • Be sure to clear your filters when starting a new search by clicking on the circle with an arrow.
  • The Academic Field filter will show results that offer at least one class in that area. Sometimes you might need to search in related fields to find more options. For example, search by “Biology” to find ecology classes or additional environmental science classes.
  • If your search yields no results, try searching by fewer parameters.
  • Click on a program’s box to view information about that program. From the program page, click on the hyperlinks to visit the host program’s website, where you will be able to see dates, classes, and more.
  • There is not a way to search for specific classes, so you will have to look at each program individually to check classes. The International Experiences staff can help you look up classes.

Tips for Selecting a Program

With so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? Start by thinking about what you want to get out of your experiences abroad. Consider the following questions.

  • What would you like to study in a new context?
  • What are your goals (academic, personal, and/or professional), and how can going abroad help you work toward those goals?
  • What culture(s) are you interested in learning more about?

Other things to take into consideration are:

  • Academics
    • Are there certain classes you need to take while abroad?
    • What major, minor, and/or Foundations requirements do you have left to complete?
    • Is there something you’d like to study, but can’t here at Berry?
  • Budget
    • While a semester program may have a higher total cost, it may be more cost effective than going on a shorter program. Semester programs tend to be very similar in cost to a semester on Berry’s campus.
    • If you have a strict budget, consider locations with lower costs of living and lower airfare.
      Research and apply for scholarships early in the process. Some external scholarships have deadlines one year in advance.
  • Push your Comfort Zone
    • The UK, Spain, and Italy tend to be some of the most popular study abroad destinations. Try researching options in multiple areas of the world. You may discover the perfect program in a location you had not considered before.
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