International Student Exchange Program

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What is ISEP?
The International Student Exchange Program is a study abroad program based on exchanges. This means for every Berry College student placed on an ISEP program, an international student will come to Berry.

Can I study on any ISEP program?
Yes - you may participate in any ISEP exchange or ISEP direct program for which you are eligible. You will need to research the different institutions' requirements to determine which programs are the best fit. Because you will be directly enrolled in a university, you should be prepared for the rigors of an unfamiliar educational system and possess the independence required to succeed in this environment. However, each university has an ISEP Coordinator who will assist you with your transition.

How long can I study abroad with ISEP?
You may study for as many semesters as you wish on ISEP Exchange programs.

How much does it cost?
For exchange, students pay the Berry tuition, standard Berry room, and unlimited meal plan fees. Students are responsible for any host institution housing deposit, national insurance, and other in-country costs. Berry will pay the exchange application fee if the application is submitted in time for review on September 1 or February 15. On ISEP direct, students pay the Berry tuition, the ISEP direct application fee, the program's housing and meals fees, and any in-country costs. If a student withdraws from ISEP at any time, the student is responsible for any financial or other penalties. Additional fees will be incurred and these will depend on the program selected. All fees are subject to change.

Deadlines ISEP begins reviewing exchange applications on February 15 for the following Fall semester and September 1 for Spring. You should submit your completed exchange application to International Experiences in time for it to reach ISEP by these dates. Direct program deadlines are more flexible and depend on the program.

ISEP Exchange requires a 2.75 GPA. While most programs are for juniors and seniors, there are programs for sophomores.

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