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2022 SIP Classes

1. Berry SIP: CHM 475 Medicinal Chemistry and MAT 111 Elementary Statistics
Faculty leaders: Dr. Lindsey Davis and Dr. Jill Cochran
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=CHM475andMAT111

2. Berry SIP: COM 308 and COM 309: International Multimedia Reporting I & II
Location: Ireland
Faculty leaders: Dr. Brian Carroll, Prof. Kevin Kleine, and Dr. Curt Hersey
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=COM

3. Berry SIP: CRT 350: Educational Technology Abroad and EDU 222 A: Exploration in Diverse Cultures
Location: Norway
Faculty leaders: Dr. Jill Cochran and Dr. Zane Cochran
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=CRTandEDU

4. Berry SIP: EDU 222 Exploration in Diverse Cultures and/or EDU 465 TEFL Practicum
Location: Ecuador
Faculty leader: Dr. Eliana Hirano
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=EDU222andEDU465

5. Berry SIP: EDU 222 Exploration in Diverse Cultures - South Africa
Location: South Africa
Faculty leader: Dr. Stephanie Cash
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=EDU222SouthAfrica or POL 311

6. Berry SIP: HIS 300 War & Peace: European Society and Culture Since 1900
Location: Belgium, Poland, and Germany
Faculty leaders: Dr. Matthew Stanard and Dr. DeLacy Rhodes
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=History

7. Berry SIP: MUS 428 Contemporary British Music 1900 to Today
Location: England
Faculty leaders: Dr. Kris Carlisle
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=Music

8. Berry SIP: PSY 445: Psychology of Eating and Drinking and PSY 441: Psychology of Vision and Art
Location: Ireland
Faculty leaders: Dr. Kristen Dilberto-Macaluso and Dr. Alan Hughes
Website: https://intlexp.berry.edu/?go=PSY

Students taking at least six credit hours may be eligible to apply half of the HOPE scholarship for summer, but all fees must be paid up front. International Experiences scholarships are available.

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