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  • Audiovisual Materials: includes sound recordings, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and films.
  • Books: consists of monographs pertaining to Berry history and schools and Martha Berry, also works authored by Berry faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  • Glass Slides/Negatives: this collection represents some of the oldest images of life at the Berry Schools. The materials are fragile and access to this collection is restricted.
  • Maps, Blueprints, and Drawings: this collection includes campus and Rome-area maps in addition to blueprints of some Berry buildings and grounds. Also included are drawings for furniture designed by Franklin Gottshall and other drawings from industrial classes. Of particular note among the blueprints within the collection are the plans for the 1927-1930 remodeling of Oak Hill and Robert Cridland's Oak Hill landscaping/planting plans.
  • Martha Berry Collection: this contains the office correspondence of Martha Berry from 1902 to 1942. In addition, the collection contains subject files, speeches and writings by Miss Berry and other materials related to her life and accomplishments. Some of Martha Berry’s correspondence can be viewed online, see the Martha Berry Digital Archive
  • Oral History:  The Berry College Oral History Project was initiated by the Public Relations Office in 1988 for the purpose of recording the reminiscences of those who knew Martha Berry. Other oral histories feature recollections from alumni about campus buildings and visitors, faculty and staff, World War II, Berry Pilgrims, student life, campus jobs, and Alumni Work Week. The oral history collection features information recorded on audio cassette, videotape, and DVD.  
  • Photographs: there are 25,000+ photographs pertaining to the history and development of the Berry Schools and the Berry family. 
  • Postcards: there are 300+ postcards which pictorially represent the growth and development of the Berry Schools and College. 
  • School Departmental Files: this record groups contain reports, correspondence and other materials documenting the activities of various offices/departments of the Schools from 1902 to the present. Record groups include materials from the Offices of the President, Principal, Dean of Students, and Provost just to name a few. 
  • School Publications: these materials, produced in serial format by Berry Schools/College, include: alumni publications, catalogs/bulletins, newspapers, and yearbooks.
  • Scrapbooks: materials in this collection, prepared and donated by students, faculty and alumni, contain photo images and ephemera.
  • Special Collectionsincludes materials from speakers, benefactors, and other visitors to the college, Berry family members, and members of the Boards of Trustees and Visitors.
  • Vertical Files: contain items which are ephemeral in nature, such as brochures, pamphlets, programs, newspaper clippings and magazine articles pertaining to the history of the Berry Schools.
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