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The Berry College minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation offers an interdisciplinary learning experience where students can pursue entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor is designed for students from all undergraduate majors who want to start their own business or lead innovation within an organization.

Students complete a common set of courses, select three elective courses to customize their minor depending on their learning goals, and a capstone experience. Students also learn the basics of accounting, finance, management and marketing specifically as it pertains to starting a business or innovation. Class sessions include much diversity across the structure of weekly sessions and field trips. Building on course content, students identify a topic around which they develop an innovative response.

Students come prepared to engage in critical discussion in small and larger group settings and activities. Classes may culminate in small team/group projects or starting and growing your own business. The steps pursued in the team projects incorporate elements of design thinking: they articulate a specific concern, identify key challenges related to the issue, identify key stakeholders potentially involved in addressing the concern, identify solutions that may be responsive to the various stakeholders, etc.

In many courses, students work on some element of their business - researching industry dynamics and competition, understanding who the customer is and consumer behavior, how to sell their product or service, researching and writing a business plan, researching international complexities of doing business abroad, and launching and/or growing a business, etc. The minor is not intended to replace a business minor.

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