Animal Science Major

Animal Science & Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Berry College’s Animal Science programs are designed to prepare students for a professional career in animal-related industries. The department of Animal Science provides students with a firm foundation in the biological and natural sciences as they relate to and prepare for meaningful, rewarding and challenging animal science jobs. The program is based on high academic standards. 

What are The degree options for animal science majors?

In order to provide the best possible learning opportunities to meet our students’ academic objectives, Berry College offers two distinct concentrations within the BS degree in animal science  In addition, there is ample opportunity to pursue minor degrees as well. 

Concentration I – Pre-Vet / Pre- Professional Science, is intended for those wishing to pursue post-graduate education such as veterinary medicine, research or other animal science careers. Course selection and electives are typically made in consultation with your academic advisor to provide you with the best opportunities to meet your academic objectives. 

Concentration II – Production Management, is intended to provide maximum flexibility for the student to specialize in areas of interest within the animal industry. Graduates with degrees often pursue careers in animal-related industries such as pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition/ feed companies, county agriculture extension work, management of beef cattle operations, dairy operations and poultry production. Course selection and electives are typically made in consultation with your academic advisor to provide you with the best opportunities to meet your academic objectives.

How Strong is the Program? How About Acceptance to Vet Schools?

One measure of the success of the animal science majors is acceptance rates into veterinary schools that are more than double the national average. In the past decade alone, often more than 90 percent of Berry students who applied to veterinary schools were accepted. Berry students have been accepted into more than 16 different veterinary schools in the United States and international locations. 

What Makes the Berry Program Different?

Berry offers one of only three dedicated undergraduate animal science and pre-veterinary medicine curriculums in Georgia. You’ll find:

  • Challenging academic curriculums that are intended to help prepare you for post-graduate schools as well as directly pursuing careers in animal related industries.
  • Small classes and hands-on laboratories designed to enhance the learning environment.
  • Faculty members whose primary objective is to teach and help students develop to their full potential.
  • Extensive firsthand experience working with domestic animals at an unprecedented level.
  • Extensive student work opportunities for all Berry students. 

What Other Opportunities are Available?

The student work opportunities are extensive at Berry College. These include the chance to work at the livestock units such as the Gunby Equine Center and the Rollins Ruminant Center, which includes the dairy, beef cattle and sheep facilities. This opportunity allows you to gain additional hands-on experiences that will help build your expertise and broaden your resume.

Faculty in the department all conduct research related to both domestic and wild animals. What is unique is that you can become a research assistant and be a part of a research team. This is invaluable experience, particularly for those who want to continue their education by pursuing graduate school or a veterinary medicine degree.

Internships and study abroad programs are excellent ways to broaden your perspective and gain additional experiences. The number of programs available is extensive and includes several that are specifically intended for students of this major.

There are many student clubs and organizations available at Berry College. The department of Animal Science is home for the Berry College Chapters of the following national organizations: Alpha Zeta, The National Honorary Fraternity of Agriculture; the Block and Bridle Club, FFA chapter, and the Pre-Vet Club.

    More About Our Facilities?

    • The Westcott Building is the primary center of activity for the animal science department.
    • The Gunby Equine Center maintains several breeds of horses to meet the needs for teaching and research, and also serves as the home for the Berry College Intercollegiate Equestrian Team.
    • The Rollins Ruminant Center is home to several of the livestock units.
    • The beef cattle unit consists of two distinct herds. The college maintains a registered herd of exceptional Angus cattle. There is also a commercial crossbred herd of beef cattle.
    • The Berry College Dairy maintains a nationally recognized registered herd of Jersey cattle.
    • The sheep unit consists predominantly of the hair breed, Katahdin.
    • The new 4,600-square-foot laboratory at Rollins provides hands-on research opportunities for students and faculty.
    • A major animal science building is envisioned as part of Berry’s LifeReady Campaign.
    • A small avian facility is used for poultry and quail involved in teaching or research projects.