Computer Science

Computer Science minor 

Are you interested in developing creative, effective and elegant solutions to computing problems? Designing and implementing software? Devising new ways to use computers? Learning how to utilize computational methods more effectively in your future career? Making a positive difference in the world in general? At Berry College, we start you down the path toward whatever future you imagine.

In today’s world, computing drives innovation in all fields and disciplines, and through our focus on firsthand learning and experience, you will be encouraged to become a producer and implementer of technological innovation rather than simply a consumer of technology

Computer Science at Berry  

Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems.

The computer science program at Berry provides you the knowledge and expertise to develop computational solutions to real-world problems, understand theoretical aspects of algorithms and computation, and deal with practical issues of implementing systems in hardware and software. At Berry, you will experience the benefits of a program that is tailored to meet your needs and goals as an individual. Our interested, caring faculty are here to serve as guides and mentors, bringing to bear their exceptional training in the field as well as a genuine love of teaching. 


The Computer Science program is housed in Berry’s ultramodern science facility, designed to enhance interactive learning and faculty/student collaboration. In addition to the four computer labs open to all Berry students, computer science minors have access to a computer projects lab and a robotics/embedded systems lab. The computer science department also maintains its own server and workstations, with access for students to work on projects and experiments.

Options & Opportunities  

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers several compelling options for students interested in computer science. These include:

  • A major in Mathematics with Computer Science Concentration
  • A minor in Computer Science
  • A minor in Web  Development

Additionally, the Individual-Designed major offers an opportunity to integrate computer science courses with a selection from other disciplines to create a coherent major that caters to your individual interests.


Want a job when you graduate? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computing-related jobs are among the fastest growing occupations. The National Science Foundation says, “Computer science is the only STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline with more job openings than there are college graduates to fill them.” Computer science graduates from Berry have been very successful securing employment and gaining admission to graduate programs. Career destinations have included the federal government, IBM, AT&T, Synovus Financial and many other large companies.

Berry students intent on obtaining advanced degrees in the fields of computer science and computer information systems have continued their education at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, Rice University and Auburn University, among other nationally-ranked institutions. Overall, job and graduate school placement for our graduates has been exceptionally high.

If your interests lie in information technology, the Berry Information Technology Students (BITS) program may be right for you. The BITS program is an apprenticeship opportunity associated with the Work Experience Program. The BITS program complements Berry’s academic curriculum with formal technical training and firsthand work experience. Each student gets the opportunity to work and learn alongside experienced technicians, in the process earning industry certifications like the A+ certification.