If you major in English at Berry College, you will be engaged in reading, analyzing, writing about and discussing a wide range of texts written in English or available in English translation.

Core Curriculum  

The English core curriculum will introduce you to British, American and world literary traditions. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the ethical, aesthetic, intellectual and cultural issues addressed in many different types of literature from a variety of historical periods. You’ll also learn methods of literary research and analysis.


The beauty and power of thought and expression, the play of word upon word, and the memorable expressions of many cultures in verse and prose are at the heart of the literature concentration.

You’ll gain a thorough background in English and American literature in a series of upper-division courses. Seminars will enable you to focus on specific authors, genres or themes. You’ll also develop your powers of critical reading and analytical writing. As much research and writing has shifted online, Berry students are also prepared to navigate the digital age.

Secondary education double major

If you want to teach English in grades 7-12, you should combine the English major with a secondary education major. You will graduate ready to become a certified teacher with a special endorsement in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), as well as a strong background in English studies and excellent teacher preparation.

Recommended studies for students planning to teach include linguistics, studies in Shakespeare, young adult literature and writing. If you choose to major also in education, you will begin taking your education courses in either your freshman or sophomore year.

Creative Writing  

Students interested in majoring in English may also want to consider a major in Creative Writing. This major fuses academic literary study and creative studio work with experiential learning focusing on nature and culture, cultivating an awareness of how writing emerges from the intersection of self and place.

Visiting Writers  

Each year, writers of national and international reputation come to campus for readings and to meet with writing students. Recent visiting writers have included a U.S. Poet Laureate, a National Book winner and a Pulitzer Prize winning poet to name a few.

Careers for English majors

English is a versatile major which prepares students for a diversity of careers. Because graduates skilled in research, textual analysis, critical thinking and writing have a competitive edge in today’s job market, you might pursue a career in law, advertising, publishing, public relations, teaching, technical or creative writing, public or academic administration, library science, business management, insurance, banking, corporate communications, counseling or speech therapy. Of course English majors also become teachers, writers and editors.